• Tips On How To Write A Dissertation

    There many things to consider when writing a dissertation but knowing the basics is always the best way to learn how to write a dissertation that gets you the marks you want, and let's face it deserve after all the hard work you put into it right? Knowing how to write a dissertation proposal, bibliography, appendices or a dissertation abstract can be difficult if you don't know what's expected of you or what you dealing with. In this post, I want to look at how to write a dissertation abstract and break down the most important aspects to consider when writing one.

    How to write a dissertation abstract.

    First things first, we need to know the structure of the dissertation abstract.

    1. The title of abstract is centered 2 inches beneath the margin of the page and is commonly titled "Abstract" Strange that. 
    2. To allow for the binding of the work, the margin on the left should be 1½ inches whereas the margin on the right should be 1 inch.
    3. The top and bottom margins should both be 1¼ inches.
    4. The abstract page is included in the contents table of the dissertation, however, it does not use numbers on its pages.
    5. The text of abstracts should use the same font as the dissertation and be double spaced.
    6. They can be between 300 to 500 words in length but no more.

    Although the ideal size for an abstract is one page, this might not be enough to cover all the arguments put forth on subjects that are very complex. A rule of thumb here is to not scrimp on the presentation of core ideas just to keep it to one page. A little roll over is not going to harm you if your reasons for doing so are good enough.

    OK so we know the format and layout of the abstract but there's a little bit more yet. There are three forms of dissertation abstract:

    • informative dissertation abstracts.
    • descriptive dissertation abstracts.
    • critical dissertations abstracts.

    Informative abstracts provide a shortened version of the arguments put forth in the dissertation. It also summarizes the evidence presented in the dissertation that supports the thesis' argument.

    Descriptive abstracts provide a synopsis of the core ideas behind the dissertation. A framework of the work itself, as well as the scope of research required and the methods used. It's important to note that descriptive abstracts do not show conclusions or results related to the work itself.

    Critical dissertation abstracts are a review of the dissertation and are not as common as informative or descriptive abstracts.

    So is there any other use for an abstract in the world after college or university?

    The answer is absolutely. When applying for jobs, a dissertation abstract can be a powerful weapon in your arsenal and can give you the ability to quickly show what experience you have in a particular field as well as showing prospective bosses that you can write to an academically high standard. Dissertation abstracts are also used in online databases and journals related to the subject.

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