• Writing a dissertation is hard, it’s probably the longest piece of writing you will ever attempt. Getting a good mark is essential to getting a good grade for your degree, something that has a massive influence over your future employment prospects. There are many ways you can ensure you write a good dissertation

    1. Plan -  The best way to ensuring you get top marks in your dissertation is to ensure you have a good plan about what you are doing. The deadline for the dissertation comes really quickly and you need to ensure you have a solid plan on how you are going to deliver your writing. Remember that research takes time and that the amount of time you have is limited. You are best spending a large amount of time investing into your planning, this is probably the most important of the dissertation tips and is mentioned in almost every dissertation writing guide. 
    2. Stay focused – it’s really easy to get side-tracked, especially if you are prone to procrastinate. Plan your time, to allow yourself time to relax and your impulse to procrastinate will be weakened. 
    3. Get a writer – There are many academics that will be able to write your dissertation for you. You can find these academics through a writing agency. Not only will they be able to write your complete dissertation but they can also preform all of your research. If you are struggling with university a writer is a great option to graduate with an excellent degree without having to put in the work. 
    4. Find someone to proofread your writing – find someone who will be able to proofread what you have written. These people will be able to give you suggestions on how to improve and will help you pick up and stupid grammar or spelling errors that will loose you easy marks. This is a great dissertation writing advice and it doesn’t take much effort to do, simply buy your friend some beer and ask them to look over what you have written. 

    Writing a dissertation is tough and requires a lot of work but if you follow these tips and integrate them into your working practices you will not only be able to obtain excellent marks but you will have outstanding marks that will not only surprise your family and friends, but will leave you in amazement.

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  • There many things to consider when writing a dissertation but knowing the basics is always the best way to learn how to write a dissertation that gets you the marks you want, and let's face it deserve after all the hard work you put into it right? Knowing how to write a dissertation proposal, bibliography, appendices or a dissertation abstract can be difficult if you don't know what's expected of you or what you dealing with. In this post, I want to look at how to write a dissertation abstract and break down the most important aspects to consider when writing one.

    How to write a dissertation abstract.

    First things first, we need to know the structure of the dissertation abstract.

    1. The title of abstract is centered 2 inches beneath the margin of the page and is commonly titled "Abstract" Strange that. 
    2. To allow for the binding of the work, the margin on the left should be 1½ inches whereas the margin on the right should be 1 inch.
    3. The top and bottom margins should both be 1¼ inches.
    4. The abstract page is included in the contents table of the dissertation, however, it does not use numbers on its pages.
    5. The text of abstracts should use the same font as the dissertation and be double spaced.
    6. They can be between 300 to 500 words in length but no more.

    Although the ideal size for an abstract is one page, this might not be enough to cover all the arguments put forth on subjects that are very complex. A rule of thumb here is to not scrimp on the presentation of core ideas just to keep it to one page. A little roll over is not going to harm you if your reasons for doing so are good enough.

    OK so we know the format and layout of the abstract but there's a little bit more yet. There are three forms of dissertation abstract:

    • informative dissertation abstracts.
    • descriptive dissertation abstracts.
    • critical dissertations abstracts.

    Informative abstracts provide a shortened version of the arguments put forth in the dissertation. It also summarizes the evidence presented in the dissertation that supports the thesis' argument.

    Descriptive abstracts provide a synopsis of the core ideas behind the dissertation. A framework of the work itself, as well as the scope of research required and the methods used. It's important to note that descriptive abstracts do not show conclusions or results related to the work itself.

    Critical dissertation abstracts are a review of the dissertation and are not as common as informative or descriptive abstracts.

    So is there any other use for an abstract in the world after college or university?

    The answer is absolutely. When applying for jobs, a dissertation abstract can be a powerful weapon in your arsenal and can give you the ability to quickly show what experience you have in a particular field as well as showing prospective bosses that you can write to an academically high standard. Dissertation abstracts are also used in online databases and journals related to the subject.

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  • It is not always that your teacher would give you an extended deadline for the writing and submission of your essay. This means that in advance, you need to device means of tackling such short-notice essays. One of the strategies that work so well is to look for example essays on the assigned topic. Therefore, if you have been assigned to write a paper on how to cope with stress, it is important that you look for an example to help you in easily crafting and submitting your paper before the deadline is due. 

    As a student, you need to understand the importance of working with examples. The first is that it helps you to finish writing your essay on time. The second reason is that it helps you to understand if your paper is properly formatted and in the right structure too. When you make use of examples in writing your academic papers, it would be reflected in the overall tone and look of your academic paper. With all these advantages, you should now understand why smart students would always look for samples before they start writing their essays.

    Having known all these, the next step is to understand where you can go looking for a properly written example on how to cope with stress. Listed below are some options that would help you in getting an example essay for your use. They are:

    • College Official Site: If your college has an official website, it would be a good place for you to search for examples of essays. These examples are usually put up by the school authorities in helping both their existing and potential students learn how to write their academic papers. They usually come in varied formats and as such, you should make sure you download or view samples that are related to the format required by your teacher.
    • Student Forums: There are several forums that are formed and managed by students. Such forums are formed to help students cope with the stress of managing their everyday academic activities, including writing of essays. Members of such forums are always ready to help each other and as such, you have chances of getting well-written example academic papers on request.
    • Homework Help Site: With the increasing demand in academic assistance, there is also an increase in the number of website that writes essays who are ready to assist students with their academic work. While some are individually operated, other sites are managed by a group of professionals. You can also get an example essay from them but it could come with a charge, especially if you placed an order for it.

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  • The PhD research paper is perhaps the most difficult paper to write in one’s academic career. Let’s face it, your academic future depends on it greatly. This is why this thesis must be perfect. Or at the very least, as good as it can be. There is no shame in getting all the help you can get when it comes to such an important assignment. You may find useful the writing tips about how to write a research paper

    The format of the thesis is very important, but it is not the most important thing. Things like the depth of research, the quality of the sources, and the way the information is presented are also very important. The evaluation committee takes many things into consideration when grading your composition. However, you can gain a lot of points by using the right format. Also, by creating an outline and a draft following a specific format, you will have an easier time putting the immense quantity of information together in a logical fashion (everything must flow well and be easy to read).

    How a Finished PhD Thesis Looks Like

    It can be difficult to create the outline for such an extensive work, so we will provide a format that works for most theses. As long as you stick to the format and adapt it to your own needs, you will end up with a composition that is both easy to read and perfectly organized. Remember that each part of the writing can contain more than one chapter. This format can be successfully used for compositions that are 300 pages long.

    1. The introduction. This is where it all starts. However, keep the introduction brief and to the point. Include the thesis statement and make it easy for your reader to understand what your writing is about.
    2. Background information about the subject. Make sure you acquaint your reader with the background information so that he or she understands what you are talking about.
    3. Theoretical information. Cover what others think about the subject, and explain how and why others have reached specific conclusions.
    4. A review of others’ works in the subject. Include critical reviews of published work and identify the area that needs more research (and explain why).
    5. The research approach and the methods used for research. Explain how you approached the matter and the methods you used to gather information.
    6. Present the evidence and findings.
    7. Analyze your findings by discussing your approach and methods. Why is your information accurate and useful?
    8. Discuss why your findings complement research done by others.
    9. Conclusions. You can recommend a course of action or further research.

    The Last Step

    Many people make the mistake of thinking that their work is done when they finish the last sentence of the conclusion. The truth is that editing takes a lot of time. Proofreading is also mandatory. Don’t let a few awkwardly worded paragraphs or a few typos ruin your perfect grade!

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  • To good writers, a good essay or even a research paper always has an outstanding introduction. This means that, if at the end of the day you want to end up with something that will earn you good grades; you must spend a good amount of time crafting the introduction of your paper. However, introductory part of a research paper does not always look the same in different tasks and this is usually attributed to such as aspects as students partake on a range of causes. Well, let’s take a case in point of psychology paper. Psychology is the study of human mind and most importantly, how one’s emotional being changes from to another such as what makes one like something and also what would make one hate something. In all these case however, a student of psychology is required to support his or her findings using facts. Such facts can always be derived from case studies or records which have been extracted from counseling sessions. 


    For someone who does not have what it takes to understand all these in terms of knowledge, there should be no cause for despair. This is especially due to the fact that the internet has brought with it new and better ways of learning. It is just a matter of days before you can be ranked together with those considered top research writers or essayists. In this post, we therefore walk you through some tips that will enable you write a phenomenal research paper introduction for your psychology paper, so read on for details. Take a leap on tips on writing psychology research paper introduction and write your A+ paper without efforts.


    Thesis Statement

    Writing a good term is never something that can be done in a day and you are sure of all the marks. In fact, you must dig deep for information that is relevant and useful. When it comes to writing the introductory section of your paper, a faster and easy way to go about is by way of thesis statements. These are statements that help you focus on the main issues on which your writing is based.


    Writing Outline

    Writing your research paper introductory part can also be quickened by a writing outline. This is because a proper outline helps you know which areas you need to focus on and which must form part of it.

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