• Have an essay to write on criminal justice and not quite sure where to start? The subject is quite a broad one so you will need to narrow down your options. Have a look at the tips below to help you find what to focus on. Look closer to this site if you need more help.

    The criminal justice system - This is the first aspect that you should look at and define. The criminal justice system is split into various components which are established by the government which work collectively to manage and control crime, as well as enforcing laws and punishment for violations. The 3 main parts are the police, the court and corrections. 

    Comparisons of the system -Depending on the country you are studying, there may be certain differences between the systems. The differences could be in the structure or the processes. Make sure that these are clearly explained where relevant within your writing or highlighted if you are doing a comparison essay.

    Choosing a topic - This is potentially the most important part of your essay work and you may have to take some time to choose the right topic. Try to pick something which you find interesting as this will shine through in your writing. As the topic is so broad, you can make an essay effective by narrowing it down. Here are some ideas to give you some motivation. The list is not exhaustive and can be used as a guide to inspire you to choose your own topic:

    How crime is linked to other factors- these could include age, gender, employment, education, race and peers

    Types of crime and its prevention

    Sentencing- how this varies in different places, the degree and severity according to crime committed

    How effective are correctional facilities

    Criminology - the discipline and public policy

    Finding your sources- For a more effective essay, make sure that you conduct extensive online research to support your topic. You will undoubtedly encounter multiple interesting pieces of evidence, however ensure that you do not use all of these. Be selective and utilise only the sources which are directly relevant to your topic as this will help to consolidate your arguments.

    Structure As with any essay, an appropriate structure will help to organise your thoughts and make understanding easier for the reader. Begin with an introduction explaining your main topic in a few sentences, your main body with a separate paragraph for each argument, and a conclusion summarising your main points.

    Citations Ensure that all of your sourced are clearly cited as plagiarism is punishable in most institutions and double check that they are cited both in the text and in a final bibliography. 

    With the correct planning and detailed research, you should be well on your way to excellent essay writing. Just remember the advice above to ensure you get the best possible result. 


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  • Academic writing is never easy for those who have no idea how referencing is supposed to be done. On this premise, it is always important that a student partakes on some of sort of training that will see him or her deliver some good work at the end of the day. Well, as you move up the academic ladder, some things will appear to be more difficult. However, it all depends on how you approach your tasks such as writing a PhD paper or in other words, a thesis paper. In general, students need to be advised according on different ways of referencing a paper.  In all cases, proper referencing will always come down to how best one understand academic writing styles because at the end of the day, this is what will ensure that your paper is consistence throughout. 


    Students, who fail to observe rules of citation for example, are most likely going to end up with a poorly written reference section because at the very least, this is what plays a big role in term of what will appear in your reference section and how it will appear. To this end, any learner who has always had issues writing academic reference page need to seek help anywhere relevant if getting good grades remains a central focus. In order to ensure that you do this right next time, this post takes you through tips on reference organization, so read yonder for some incisive details. By extension, this is a thesis writing help website which will see to it that you always write your paper from beginning to end in the most desirable way, so take a look at it anytime and learn more every day.


    Arrange your references alphabetically 

    Writing a good reference is always subject to following some set rules and guidelines. This is because doing something on the contrary will only see you get poor grades at the end of the day. Well, according to scholarly publications and which have aided reference writing for many years now, students should always arrange their bibliographic information alphabetically. It is always done in order of names of authors whose publications you have cited in your thesis paper.


    Order of currency 

    This is case of arranging your references in order of publication years. The rule of the thumb here is that you start with most recent to the oldest referenced material.

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  • Students are swamped by the number of papers they must write each semester. Teachers never stop assigning more and more essays. Does anybody think about the student? We know how frustrating it is to not be able to do all your school assignments on time and be penalized. To write all the papers, you must rush some of them, which leads to low grades or check this site to get help. And let’s not even talk about the scenario where you don’t know what to write for a particular assignment. Fortunately, you can use the Internet in your favor and get all the writing help you need each semester – just try out this resource and work with a trusted academic writing agency.

    More and more students are asking: where can I buy an original paper from? The truth is that the Web is your best choice, but you must be very careful. Many people are ripped off every day by shady online writing services. Another option would be to work directly with an experienced writer. However, good writers are usually affiliated with renowned academic writing companies, so you end up working with an agency anyway.

    How to NOT Get Ripped Off

    The number one rule to follow when you are searching for a writing agency online is: “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Let’s stop and think for a minute. An experienced, native English writer has to work at least 2 days to compose a good, original paper. On top of his payment, the agency also takes a cut of the final price. So, do you think an experienced writer would work a few days for a few bucks? No, he or she will definitely not.

    Writers and agencies that charge very low prices for essays are usually scams. They take your money and never deliver the work. Or, if they do deliver, the products will be full of errors and most of it will be plagiarized. Don’t fall into this trap, because you will lose money instead of getting a good grade.

    Things to Look After in an Agency

    An academic writing service you would want to work with must have the following 4 attributes:

    1. They are a real company with real people. Their customer support must have a phone number and somebody should answer the phone.

    2. They offer guarantees and clearly state that their work is 100% original and free of any kind of spelling, grammar and formatting errors.

    3. They must employ native English speakers and should be able to show you a few samples of their writing.

    4. You must be able to find positive reviews written by other students about the agency’s services on third party websites.


    Look closely to their website and ask questions using their email or messaging system. A professional company does not have grammatical and spelling mistakes on their website and in their emails. In addition, good services respond in a very timely manner to all enquiries. A reliable writing company is the safe place to buy an essay!

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